Chương-Đài VÕChercheuse invitée

Juin - juillet 2021

Chương-Đài Võ is a Researcher at Asia Art Archive. Her writing on modern and contemporary art in Southeast Asia can be found in publications such as AfterallSismographie des luttes, the exhibition catalogue Southern Constellations: The Poetics of the Non-Aligned, and Taipei Fine Arts Museum’s Modern Art. Recent curatorial projects include Form Colour Action: Sketchbooks and Notebooks of Lee Wen, and Ho Tzu Nyen’s The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia, Vol. 1: G for Ghost(writers). Her research has been supported by Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Mellon Foundation, Asian Cultural Council, Fulbright Program, University of California Pacific Rim Research Program, and the U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities. She is researching the construction of modernisms in Vietnam, 1925-1975.

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This project will focus on what I call “Saigon Internationalism” during the Republic of Vietnam era (1954-1975). Most art histories of modernism in Vietnam focus on the genealogy established in Hanoi, and there is little research on what developed in Saigon. One important source is the periodical, which served as an essential platform for the propagation, formation and circulation of ideas and practices about the modern. Saigon was home to more than 40 daily newspapers, 1000 printing houses, and 150 publishing houses. Many artists wrote essays, short stories and art reviews, and created drawings and paintings specifically for periodicals. I will approach them as both primary and secondary sources as well as consult art and archival collections in Paris, Lyon and Aix-en-Provence.