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Janvier - Mars 2020

Prof., Dr. Levon Chookaszian is the author of two monographs (“Grigor Tsaghkogh”,Yerevan,1986 and “Arshag Fetvadjian”,Yerevan,2011)and three books (“Vladimir Atanian,The Art and the Life”, Los Angeles, 2010, “Anatoli Avetyan, Metal Works, Painting, Sculpture”, Yerevan, 2011, “The History of the Exploration of the Armenian Medieval Art (1830-ees-1950)”,Yerevan,2016) and around four hundred articles and reviews on Armenian art. Between 1978-1996 he was a Senior Fellow and Professor of Armenian Art at the Center for Armenian Studies in the Yerevan State University. In 1996 he received the grant of UNESCO and established the UNESCO Chair of Armenian Art History and Art History Department at Yerevan State University. Since then and till 2018 he was a director of that Chair. Currently he is a director of the Chair of Armenian Art History and Theory at Yerevan State University. Between 1992-2019 he was invited to give numerous lectures on Armenian art at Italy (Universities in Bologna and in Ravenna, Venice, Pisa, Siena), USA (National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.,Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore, Bellevue Art Museum in Seattle, Columbia University, State University of New York at Albany, Wayne State University at Detroit,Cleveland State, Dirborn – Michigan, Emory University in Atlanta, Berkeley, UCLA, Fresno State, Irvine, Brigham Young University at Provo, University of Utah, Pasadena Public Library), Canada (Concordia University in Montreal),UK (East Anglia University in Norwich), Lebanon (Balamand University and Greek Orthodox Center in Beyrouth), Greece (Aristotle University in Thessaloniki), Germany (Halle university in Halle, Lepsiushalle in Potzdam), France (Aix-en Province and Montpelier universities), Hungary (Central European University in Budapest),and Romania (New Europe college in Bucharest,University of Bucharest, Institute of South East European Studies of Bucharest, Academy of Fine Arts of Bucharest). In 2015 he was elected as member of Ambrosiana Academy in Milano (Italy) and in 2016 he was elected as corresponding member of Academy of Montpelier (France).



Monographs and Books

  •  Grigor Calkol (monograph), Yerevan, Yerevan State University Press, 1986, 162 pages, 110 ill., (in Armenian, with French Summary).
  • Tvorcestvo  Torosa Roslina v kontekste kulturnyx svjazei svjazei kilikii”skoi”Armenii   XIII  veka. (The Art of Toros Roslin in the context of the cultural relations of Cilician  Armenia of the13th century ).Summary of Dissertation,Moscow,2001, 60 pages.
  • Arshag Fetvadjian (monograph),(Masters and Treasures of Armenian Art,1), Yerevan,2011, 187pp.,80color ill.,30 black & white ill.(in Armenian, with English and Russian Summaries)
  • Hay mijnadaryan kerparvesti patmutyun (The History of the Exploration of the Armenian Medieval Art)(1830-1950),Yerevan,2016,154pp.(in   Armenian).


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Research project: The influence of the French art on Armenian Architects, Painters and Sculptors (1855-1965).

The project focuses on the influences of French artists on the aesthetic orientations, style and technique of Armenian architects, painters and sculptors of the 19-20th centuries who were educated in Paris or established there.

 Armenian-French artistic relations are known since 9th century and became stronger in 13-14th centuries due to arrival of the Crusaders in the Holy Land.   The first Armenians who were educated in Paris were those who entered the college St. Barbe - members of the famous Balian family from Constantinople (Hakob in 1855-1858, Nikoghos till 1845, Sargis in 1848).