Norskov, VinnieChercheuse invitée (mars-avril)


Vinnie Noerskov is associate professor and museum director at the Museum of Ancient Art and Archaeology at Aarhus University. She studied Classical Archaeology at the universities of Aarhus, Munich and Oxford and obtained her Ph.d. in 1999 with the thesis“Greek Vases in New Contexts. Collecting Greek vases – an aspect of modern reception of Antiquity”. She has been responsible for a number of exhibitions on archaeology, art and the reception of Antiquity. She teaches museum studies at the Center for Museology with a focus on museum history, museological theory and communication in museums, and has participated to the research programme The Strategic Museum (financed by the Danish Research Council) with a project on sponsorship in museums. She also teaches at the department of Classical Archaeology in methodology as well as reception on antiquity. She is active in the international museum organization ICOM and has been chair of the Danish National committee since 2009.



She has published on four main issues: the history of trading and collecting Greek pottery through history, the reception of Classical Antiquity, Hellenistic pottery and Danish museum management and economy. Her publications relevant for the present project on auctions in antiquities are:

  • Nørskov, V., 2009, ‘The Affairs of Lucien Bonaparte and the Impact on the Study of Greek Vases’, i Nørskov, V. et al. (eds.), The World of Greek Vases, Suppl. Analecta Romana Instituti Danici 41, 2009, 63-76.
  • Nørskov, V. 2006, ‘Una Bouna Parte’. The distribution of the collection of Lucien Bonaparte – a contribution to the early history of the antiquities market, i Proceedings of the XVI International Congress of Classical Archaeology Boston, August 23-26.8 2003: Common Ground: Archaeology, Art, Science, and Humanities, Oxford, 114-117.
  • Nørskov, V. 2002, Greek Vases in New Contexts. The Collecting and Trading of Greek Vases - An Aspect of the Modern Reception of Antiquity. Aarhus Universitetsforlag.


Research project

The project Antiquities on auction: the role of auctions in the value system of classical archaeology concerns the relationship between the auction market in ancient antiquities, collecting practices and research in classical archaeology. The auction as a phenomenon in the history of classical archaeology has never been thoroughly investigated. Traditionally, the market has been seen as a supplier of objects for collections and museums, but not considered as having an active role in the development of classical archaeological research. In this project I want to study the interrelations between market and research, and the auction catalogues will be used as empirical data. A quantitative analysis of auction catalogues from antiquities auctions in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries will form the starting point. I will look at the writers of the catalogues and all questions concerning the structure of the catalogues, taxonomy and design will be addressed and related to the research standards for the relevant period and objects.