Research, education and the diffusion of knowledge

The INHA is responsible for developing academic activity and contributing to international academic cooperation in the fields of art history and heritage. It is active in the fields of research, education and the diffusion of knowledge and provides access to vast documentary resources for researchers and others active in the discipline.

As a national and international centre for teaching and research, the INHA participates in the training of young researchers through doctoral and post doctoral contracts, internships and scholarships. It welcomes experienced French and foreign researchers, curators and academics. The establishment is structured around the Department of Studies and Research and the Library and Resources Department, and the Service and Research Unit 3103-InVisu (Visual and textual information in art history: new grounds, bodies of work, tools) created in 2008 and borne out of a partnership between the CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) and the INHA.

Events and publications

The INHA develops databases and organises symposiums, conferences, study days and seminars. It also presents exhibitions and publishes and co-publishes a large number of works including dissertations, collected papers of symposiums, translations, essays and an academic journal, Perspective.

Aimed at the general public and specialists alike

The INHA, which contri-butes to the development of the teaching of the history of the arts in primary and secondary schools, is also responsible for the academic direction of the Festival of Art History at Fontainebleau. With this event, as well as the annual Open House in the Galerie Colbert, the INHA offers an extra opport--unity for specialists and the general public to cross paths.

2012 in figures

  • 190 agents
  • A budget of 16 million euros
  • 1.5 million documents in the INHA Library