Roméo KodraChercheur invité (mai -août 2016)


Born, lives and works in Tirana (Albania). After academic studies in “Bergamo University of Studies” (Italy), in “Theory, Technique and Management of Art and Entertainment” in collaboration with “Teatro Tascabile” (Bergamo, Italy), Romeo started a collaboration as a curator and project manager at “Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary Art”. His theoretical interest focuses on the generation of meanings in challenged spaces by arts and politics in transitional societies. This interest is explored through researches within theatrical performances, curatorial events, writings on architecture and urban planning. Albania, as a historical peripheral and transitional territory, has been choosen as a paradigmatic context where the escalation of perpetual and drastic cultural, social and political changes is still clearly manifested.


Bibliographie sélective

  • “The Chronic” – Exhibition’s Catalogue – ZETA Gallery, Tirana, Albania, 2014.
  • “Red Punctum” – For the Exhibition’s Catalogue
  • “Let Us start from the Middle”; Artists: Effi & Amir; Guest Artists: Ergin Zaloshnja, Matilda Odobashi, Driton Selmani, Era Tula and Pleurad Xhafa, Albania-Belgium 2015.

Projet de recherche

His research focuses on arts’ space and its rationalization or conditioning by political power. Its focus is binary: critical/theoretical and curatorial. The wider focus regards Albania, Tirana, and its main boulevard, its “Pyramid”, as transitional spaces, borders to pass or geopolitical “fronts”, where are disclosed and layered different architectonic styles representative of political powers that have marked the territory throughout history with different, contradictory or alienating visions of the world. The closest focus regards the curatorial methodologies and practices that are aware of the context in which the artistic events take place. This methodology, inspired from the plural identity of the Albanian polyphony, maintains a strong connection with the context and permits pure artistic differences which resist neoliberal streams and consumerist art star-system.