Researcher-Artist / Lead Expert Adviser European Commission

Programme "Profession Culture" à l'INHA de 2016.

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Romeo Kodra (Albania, 1977) is a visual arts and cultural researcher, artist, as well as Lead Expert Adviser of European Commission for the project of Cultural Cooperation Proramme. Until 2018 he has been living and working between South-Eastern Europe and Balkan region. From 2019, he resides and works in Espoo, Finland.

While his research is focused on generation of meaning and production of subjectivities in challenged spaces by arts and political power; his work is based on a practiced institutional critique as well as polyphonic conceptualization, creation and production of art and culture. His work takes inspiration from the cluster tone of the Albanian polyphonic tradition, Paul Klee's polyphonic paintings, Antonin Artaud's polylalies, Carmelo Bene's as well as Demetrio Stratos' researches on body and voice.

In 2016 he was Invited Researcher at INHA in the framework of the Programme Profession Culture supported by French Ministry of Culture and Communication. During his stay he researched and collected bibliographic material from the library of INHA, especially on the work of Paul Klee, history of boulevard as a dispositif of power; on representation of Albanian artists in France by French and Albanian representative institutions, during and after the dictatorship of proletariat; on institutional framework of French art institutions such as Centre Pompidou, Palais de Tokyo, INHA, Beton Salon, Villa Vassilieff, etc.

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